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November 27, 2007
Welcome to our fresh new Fusicology GREEN lifestyle page! Now, we know that it’s the music that ’s got most of your attention… but hey – we know that, deep down, you like clean air, fresh water, and healthy food (that tastes good!) just as much. Well, maybe. Anyway, we here @ Fusicology would like to take this opporunity to present you with our new GREEN forum, where, each week, we’ll feature some pretty darn cool ways & means to make your day GREEN from start to finish, and you can post comments, or provide some cool links of your own. Enjoy, and THINK:GREEN!
Letter from the Editor: So, to launch our new green:space, here’s a little YouTube fun with a clip from the interview Fusicology’s founder, Asya Shein, participated in for about why we feel it’s important to do this “green” thing–>
.:.GREEN:DAY.:. (no, not the band, silly)
This is the place where we’ll discuss tiny, simple, little things you can get in the habit of doing (or not doing) in order to not feel like such a nasty, selfish, gluttonous champion American consumer devouring everything in you path… and instead feel like that conscious, thoughtful, righteous fellow human that you are. Or something.



GREEN:SOURCE – This week we thought simply starting with highlights from some of our favorite earthy info websites might be best, so here are our picks: : Informed us recently that if we should find ourselves without our electric wall iPod charger, and starving from lack of tunes, then we can get our iPods juiced back up a bit with an onion, a bottle of Gatorade or Powerade, a screwdriver, and a USB charger cable. That is, of course, if you’re around some onions… we wonder, would just any veggie do? Watch the demo–> : Keeps us up to date just all-around. But this week let us know about the LA & BAY AREA releases of the producer of “Super Size Me”’s new doc about the state of our consumer culture, “What Would Jesus Buy?” – just in time for the holidays. Yay! The perfect anti-holiday justification. A great excuse to get out of Secret Santa this year! You know we’ll be sure to let you know when it shows it your city… Check out the trailer–> : Let us know that we ain‘t all that when it comes to being Greener Than Thou. In fact, you can log on right now and see just how actively conscious YOU are on a green daily basis. G’head… see if you’re Kelly or Sage. Take the GREEN:IQ POP QUIZ–>



.:. Next Tuesday, April 22, is international Earth Day.:.
Will you do one thing differently during your day to demonstrate your awareness?
Often more so than any other society, Americans are consumers of convenience, and it is generally difficult to change or forgo small daily habits that make our day faster or easier in an effort to waste less, and ultimately become more efficient overall. Fusicology wants to know what YOU will do this coming Tuesday, Earth Day 2008, to at least mark your awareness of our energy and resources crisis…?
Earth Day 2008
We can tell you that hundreds of people will converge on the US National Mall in Washington DC on Sunday, April 20, as a warm-up (or cool-down, as the case may be) to environmentally active organizations from around the country presenting their call for action to the US Congress just 2 days later.
Earth Day DC Mall
Beyond the dozens of info and resource booths lining the National Mall, FREE live performances from some of your favorite artists include The Roots & Friends,, Doug E Fresh, Talib Kweli, Chrisette Michele, Thievery Corporation, Toots & The Maytals, The DC Boys Choir, CityDance Ensemble, Joy of Motion Urban Impact Hip Hop, among others! Guest speakers to also be featured include Chevy Chase, Kevin Bacon, Ed Norton, Russell Simmons, ?uestlove, and dozens of Senators and State Representatives working for YOUR clean, efficient, renewable and safe energy resources.

Green Politics - MAke Noise

Moreover, it is estimated that over 500,00 people combined will attend the national Earth Day events taking place in 8 cities across the country this weekend, April 18-20. Produced by Green Apple Festival, these coordinated events will include performances and appearances by artists and activists such as Vusi Mahlasela & Graham Hill @ Central Park in NYC, Arrested Development & Fusicology’s Spring Music Sampler artists, AGAPE ft. Nadia Harris, @ Bicentennial Park in Miami, Santana & Me’Shell N’Degeocello & Bassnectar & Chicago Afrobeat Project & members of the Grateful Dead & The Allman Brothers @ the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago, The Neville Brothers & Friends @ City Park in Denver, Junior Brown @ Fair Park in Dallas, Taj Mahal & Ziggy Marley @ Santa Monica Pier in Los Angeles, Mickey Hart & Dan Hicks @ Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, and many more…
Green Apple Music Festival

Green Vote

Yet, this is, of course, a global issue – one that requires the communication and cooperation of individuals from every corner of the Earth – and even nations such as India and Puerto Rico have just as many registered Earth Day activities per capita as powerhouses like the US and Japan. To look for Earth Day events or activities near you, check out: (And um, try not to drive a fossil-fueled car there…) Earth Day 2008

Listen to ?uestlove’s “Call for Climate” here:

Questlove Call for Climate

— Jocelyne Ninneman for Fusicology

Fusicology City EARTH DAY Listings Here



Our friends @ Hybrid Roots, eco-friendly clothing & design firm based in LA, wrapped up their Grammy weekend with green-gifting @ the 1st Annual “Green with Music” VIP Retreat, where they schmoozed with celebs like Mr. Malik (The Roots), Eldar, Omarosa, and more, all the while raising funds for Brad Pitt’s “Make It Right campaign to re-build the 9th Ward in New Orleans… their full wrap-up here:

Hybrid Roots' Adam w/Omarosa

HR’s Adam & reality show star, Omarosa

Green With Music was a great event featuring cutting edge, Eco-friendly products and services. Our company Hybrid Roots had its debut at the event and received a great response from the attendees including celebrities, members of the media, other vendors and the general public. Hybrid Roots lifestyle driven mission was something that people could relate to. We believe that we are all here to work together and we promote collaborations while encouraging Eco-consciousness through the use of alternative and sustainable materials.
Green with Music
The gifting suite @ Green with Music
We created a canvas graffiti wall that celebs and Eco-enthusiasts alike were able to sign as an auction piece for our friend’s (Josh Doolittle) Eco-architecture movement (Bamboo Yurts/Emergency Shelters) dubbed the “Chi’bagoda Project.” All proceeds from this sale will benefit Make it Right 9, Brad Pitt‘s charity organization benefiting the rebuild of the 9th ward in New Orleans in the wake of Huricane Katrina. The list of celebs that signed the piece include: Mr. Malik (music producer), Omarosa ( reality TV star-The Celebrity Apprentice), Eldar (Pianist)-, Shoshana Bean (Wicked) –, Machina (Rock Band-former members of Evanescence) (
Hybrid Roots' Marissa w/Machina
HR’s Marissa w/members of Machina
We will also be spreading the movement of being green and Eco-conscious to the NAACP Image Awards this Thursday through the gifting of our recycled “lifesaver” charm. All of the organizations that attended the event were amazing and we are glad that there are so many other companies that share the same idealistic values about social change and the environment.
– Hybrid Roots for Fusicology.
Hybrid Roots logo


.:.GREEN:TRANSPORT.:. (uh, no, not that green – the other kind of traffic)

Until Scotty is beaming us up, we thought maybe you might like to know how you can actually get where you’re going, on time, safely, and maybe even with the least of amount of energy wasted (not yours, of course). Perhaps one of the hardest lifestyle changes to make is your mode of transport. We undertand, TRUST us. That’s why we’re her e to help make that transition a little smoother, ya know? You’ll find useful info in 4 major categories; cars, moto-scooters, public transit, bicycle/alternative. This one’s for you LA! Oh, and Detroit too. Can you say IN-DUS-TRI-AL REV-O-LU-TION?


AUTO-CARS: Bio-whaa?


Fields of Fuel

As comedic talk show host, Bill Maher, has mentioned, “We just can’t get off the oil.” We Americans are like fossilrific crack addicts. We’ve been so forced into one type of transportation, and form of energy for that matter, for several decades now, and for some reason, the “most advanced nation in the world” has not even given serious thought to alternative forms of energy and fuel – really. Are we too hooked on convenience? Or does someone venture to propose that there is another player in this game?

With fossil oil prices steadily rising, and people dying in the name of an unfair international fossil fuel trade, documentarian, Josh Tickell, has begun a movement to breed a new generation of energy-users – veggie folks. Tickell’s new doc, “Fields of Fuel,” is another winner in the trend of alternative energy films gaining speed over the past 2 years. Much like Gore’s “Inconvenient Truth” or DiCaprio’s “11th Hour,” this “Make Fuel, Not War” film proposes that we, average people, actively begin making daily energy and transport choices that are cheap, easy, and more efficient in the long-run. However, unlike the former two films, Tickell’s take is somewhat more pointed, and aims to take on this task one energy at a time… by tackling consumer vehicle fuel first.

The bottom line: it offers a specific, and realistic, solution to several of our country’s, and our world’s, problems – on several levels.*

“Fields of Fuel” will make its World Premiere this Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Monday, February 21, 2008 at the renowned Sundance Film Festival in Park City / Salt Lake City, UT.

Josh & Woody

So far, pre-parties have seen uber-support from Woody Harrelson and Morgan Spulock, among others.

Josh & Morgan

The Director of the film, on the film:

“FIELDS OF FUEL is a feature length theatrical documentary about one man’s search for an alternative to America’s dependence on foreign oil. America is engulfed in an oil war, the environment is being destroyed and gas prices have gone through the roof.” “FIELDS OF FUEL is a film about how we got into this mess and more importantly, how we get out.” -Josh Tickell {Taken From}

Tickell is one of the nation’s leading experts on alternative fuels, specifically bio-diesels. Ironically, he grew up in southern Louisiana, surrounded by its oil refineries, and witnessed first-hand what tragedies and general harm they create for the people that works and live in and around them. This is what inspired him to study alternative energy while abroad during college, and returned to the States with a mission.Shortly thereafter, Tickell published his first major book in the 1990s, “From the Fryer to the Fuel Tank – The Complete Guide to Using Vegetable Oil as an Alternative Fuel,” which sparked a big interest in bio-fuels, and all the related technology and retail.

The next decade would find Tickell consulting President Bill Clinton, various State boards of energy and environmental policy, as well as several other organizations and colleges. He would spend 5 years making “Fields of Fuel,” and over 9 years running his cross-country Veggie Van” eco-tour.In fact, “Clinton’s support brought Tickell the resources he needed to mount a biodiesel relief effort to aid victims of Hurricane Katrina. His biodiesel-fueled “relief ships” delivered clothing, medical supplies and 20,000 meals to the hardest-hit areas of the disaster zone.”

Then in 2006, as a precursor to his movie, Tickell released a second book entitled “Biodiesel America – How To Achieve Energy Security, Free America From Middle- East Oil Dependence and Make Money Growing Fuel.” The book challenges the status quo of the oil industry, the automakers and the government, and offers a complete energy roadmap to wean the United States from fossil fuels. {Taken From} – We think this is pretty darn amazing! – Folks are worried about job security, when getting off their middle-east oil security would certainly help not only erase the “need” for war in Iraq, but would create some job security (not to mention some farmland security!). Things that make you go Hmmmmm…

So now with the official launch of “Fields of Fuel,” after being chosen by Sundance this year as a premiere theatrical documentary, Tickell and his 50-person team of amazing filmmakers, eco-experts, and ecstatic volunteers, will embark on an eco-tour of the US with their Veggie Van, hosting debut film screenings , giving talks, and just tooling down your city’s streets in an old VW Winnebago with solar panels and big ole‘ sunflowers and other tree-hugging green images, not to mention exhaust that “smells like French Fries.” – And all this for a reason – to show you how easy it is to get around every day using vegetable oil.

Veggie Van feature

–>To date, the “Veggie Van” has driven over 25,000 miles to promote biodiesel to millions of people while running on fuel made from used vegetable oil.* {Taken From}

*How you can get down with the campaign:

->Contact the Veggie Van Team and offer to host the film in your city or at your college! {Will the dopest promoters please stand UP?}

->Pay to see the “Fields of Fuel” film in your town!

->Volunteer to join the Veggie Van eco-tour team for a run!

->Donate some loot directly to their eco-tour campaign via their “big honking red button” on!

->Buy a diesel car, have its engine converted for like $1K, and run around on veggie oil!

->Have solar panels and/or a veggie-oil-fueled furnace installed in your home!

->Comment on this blog here, and get the buzz going…

After all, how cool would it be to never have to pay energy bill again? Or only need to be near gas stations for late-night junk food cravings?

–>Lookout for screenings of “Fields of Fuel : Make Fuel, Not War” in your city this season… you know Fusicology will keep you posted.*

Written by Jocelyne Ninneman for Fusicology

Veggie Van logo



11.28.07: you, CONVERT, you…LoveCraft BioDiesel Logo 150

Make the SWITCH. To Bio-Diesel that is. Remember when Apple launched their whole “switch” campaign to entice the smartest of the smart, the hippest of the hip, the tastemakers ahead of the game, to switch from their virus-laden PC worlds back to Applonia (or was that Prince’s girl? – either way) with their entire website devoted to tips and hints on getting used to the Apple lingo after initial years of PC-brain-washing? (And you were able to manuver that transition quite smothly, weren’t you?) How about the initial sticker shock? Or the fact that a “MAC Tech” is like a specialized, imported doctor? And, some how, you love it. Naw, it’s not that bad, really, is it? So now that we’ve “switched,” we’re ready to “convert” to the next alterna-tool…

With the price high & availability low of hybrid-fuel vehicles still out there, we have been looking for actual, tangible, realistic options in veggie oil and/or bio-diesel cars that are 3 things: Affordable ($10K or less). Available (within 3 hours driving of your city). Cool (won’t make you wince every day unlocking the beast).

Well, the uber-cool folks @ LoveCraft Bio-Fuels have launched their own sort of modest campaign, making it actually quite easy for you to “convert.” Your diesel engine car that is. Into a bio-fuel (like veggie oil or hybrid) – compatible shining piece of personal transport. Yes, of course they’re based on the west coast, where all other tree-hugging enterprises reside (LA, in fact), but hey – makes for a great excuse for a cross-country road trip, shan’t you find a conversion shop near you. However, aside from LoveCraft’s main set-up in Silver Lake, CA, they also have a location in Portland, OR. (you saw that one coming too, eh?)

The Basics:THE FUEL: First, did you know that the 1st automobiles, like those of German craftmanship and even Henry Ford’s Model T, were engineered to run on peanut oil and other plant oils? (what’s up, Detroit?) Secondly, did you know that fossil fuels leave a nasty sludge residue throughout your engine, unlike the lighter plant oils? (and you don’t have to drill miles into the earth and rock to get it either!) And third, vegetable oils cost the SAME or LESS right now as regular old gasoline per gallon. True, you may have to stock-up the trunk if you’re planning a longer trip, but how ’bout the fact that nearly any restaurant will be glad to GIVE you buckets of used veggie oil any day, huh? What’s that we smell? FREE GAS!

Teal Benz - LoveCraft

THE TECHNOLOGY: Current generations have been trained to believe that the Diesel Engine is not only virtually extinct, but is inferior to the popular fossil-fueled design littering car lots today. Yet, almost all commercial, industrial, and military grade vehicles and machines contain Diesel Engines, even today. Why? Because they’re more efficient and longer-lasting. Hhmmm…

What You Need: A running car with a Diesel Engine. + about $1,000 USD.What It Takes: @ LoveCraft, about 1 Day of mechanics work. (!) – It is only a simple mechanical conversion with some swapping of parts that turns a fossil-fueled Diesel Engine into a veggie-oil-fueled Diesel Engine. LoveCraft even has their own patented “single-tank” system conversion kit (as opposed to the “double-tank” system), upkeep parts for sale, and has been at it in LA now for about 5 years.

Boogie Benz - LoveCraft

THE HYPE: Sure, LoveCraft, and other conversion shops, can hook-up your brand spanking new Diesel VW or pick-up truck, but why sink all that loot (better used partying @ all the fresh events Fusicology has posted for you to be seen at) into getting a new ride when you can sport a vintage (not used, honey) 1978 Benz, which will likely cost you round about $5,000 USD (source: Kelley Blue Book) for a good, running one. $6,000 (+ maybe an extra $1G for that custom paint-job you just gotta have) – $7,000 will have you ROLLIN.

Affordable? We think so.

Available? We’re working on that for you.

Cool? Most definitely.

LoveCraft really turned us on because they have an easy, realistic system, a great website with all kinds of useful facts & figures (like a comlete list of all the recorded Diesel Engine model cars ever made – so you can begin your hunt), offer upkeep & maintenance supplies, service, and training, and even re-habs & converts some classics themselves to sell you, if you’re not quite up to finding your own gem. Oh, and uh… they’re owned by a wo-man. Yeah.

But we wouldn’t dash right out and think you trust-fund babies are gonna run out this weekend and get yourself a trendy new ride just for kicks, because rumour has it that LoveCraft’s Head Technician won’t sell to just anybody with the fattest wallet…. after all, he puts love into that craftmanship!

LoveCraft BioFuels Station


*Written by Algorhythmic Text for Fusicology.


MOTO-SCOOTERS: Oooh, how Euro of you!


BIKES: OK, who’s got the most pimped-out low-rider out there right now? Submit!



See, the thing about public transit is: it not only solves excess energy issues due to individual transport, it also forces people to interact with people from all walks of life… people whom you might not otherwise find yourself seated next to every day. Voila! Soicio-cultural obstacles and energy efficacy solved in one! So, we’ll use this space to discuss public both public transit issues, as well as accolades. NYC – you’re all over this one!


.:.GREEN:EGGS&HAM.:. (not spam)

Seeing as we’re so concerned with what we’re putting into the air, we are certainly just as concerned, if not more so, about what we put inside our bodies, no? From food to farmland to medicine, this is the place our Fusicology friends from around the world can submit innovative and insightful ways to make eating, drinking, and healing healthier, more balanced, and full of longevity. Now, we all know that some folks are just plain lazy – er, busy – and eating or healing in the greenlight is not always convenient, or cheap. Never fear – we got you! Hopefully, this page will help link you to EASY and often CHEAP ways to “convert.” Got a GREEN:TIP? Post it in the comments section here!


EAT: Green Food | Since Whole Foods often equals Whole Paycheck, we offer locations in your ‘hood that offer organic eats, at the best prices we can find.

DRINK: Green Quench | Not just agua… some fun spirited beverages too!

FARM: Green Land | Where does our food come from?

HEAL: Green Medicine | It’s no secret that the American approach to medicine is the “band-aid effect” Apparently, Americans (and many other Westerners) are so busy trying to keep up with the Jones’ that they don’t have time to prevent illness or disease. Instead, we pay an arm & a leg for pricey “miracle” pills which will save all. That is, until those “miracle” pills prove to be more harm than they are good… usually too late. Alas, FUSE:HEAL is here to aid in links to remedies and alternative medicinal practices that offer a more wholistic result and limited to no side-effects. This is a drug-free zone. (sorta)



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